Stocks in 2017: Predictions Vs. “Mental Bets”

Boy, people love predictions.

Whenever I see a title like “Best Stocks for 2017” I must check it out. I never act on predictions or take what is being said at face value, but I click anyway.

In fact, half of the time I click with an attitude: “Yeah, yeah, let’s see what you have to say…” Even if there are 100 stocks on a list, I feel compelled to check them all (I guess I am a list junkie).

Most predictions go unverified – that’s how predictors get away with them year after year.

When was the last time you checked a “Best Stocks for 2017,” or “2016,” list to see how the picks panned out? We don’t care: that was then, we care about now. We just might find something useful. Continue reading Stocks in 2017: Predictions Vs. “Mental Bets”